Monday, April 27, 2009

Garden of Neglect

Today, while walking my neighborhood with my camera, I passed a fertile wonderful garden spot that was totally neglected this year. All the plants were in disarray. My heart was heavy - I knew the elderly gentlemen had been sick. I knew the family was now gone and no one was left who cared.

Then I realized how much I wanted the rhubarb. It was not mine to take so I just walked away. It would go to waste.

I wonder how God feels when He looks at us - when we neglect our relationship with Him. We have so much potential in Him; did we quit caring? Because we ignore Him, does he walk away, feeling like so much is going to waste?


Tina said...

What a wonderful illustration. You're right. (In this post and the last post.) When we focus on ourselves, the result is pure ugliness and sin reigning. When we turn our hearts to God, He'll prune us and cultivate our hearts to produce lasting fruit. This fits so well with my prayers last night and this morning. (Last night I very much felt the sinful woman in me trying to poke her head up and take control.) Thank you so much for this wonderful, timely reminder. You're a blessing!
In His love,

bookflutterby said...

A convicting thought to think about, thanks for sharing!
That poor garden...I truly hope God doesn't see me that way, it's so sad.
Thank you for your comments on my blogs by the way! You are such an encourager, and I'm glad you like my pictures! :D I love sepia makes it seem like you've captured a glimpse of times long past.

bookflutterby said...

PS I love your new header picture! Mountains are so majestic!

Montanagirl said...

Such a neglected flower garden, and very thought provoking words. How DO you do it? Truer words were never spoken.

Young and Catholic said...

This is lovely. Thank you! :)