Gifts 1-200

Eucharisteo - the giving of thanks - the way to wholeness - finding JOY
 My list of things I am thankful for - recognizing 1,000 gifts in my life

 1. Jesus Christ my redeemer, Lord, and personal friend
 2. Mr. Husband loving, caring, praying, leading the way
 3. Three priceless, completely different children 
 4. Seven grandchildren learning to love God
 5. Promised 8th grandchild beginning to hiccup in womb
 6. Warm sun on back 
 7. Tiny buds peeking through branches that endured winter 
 8. Worship music softly filling home 
 9. Chatty visit of daughter
10. Soft distant chirp of bird

As I acknowledge gifts God has already bestowed, "It is sort of like ... unwrapping love". (Ann Voskamp)
11. Clean clothes fresh from dryer
12. Pink cherry blossoms bursting in orchards
13. Multiple pink hues of sunset
14. Soft golden rays of sleepy sun
15. Tangible peace flooding home
16. Chilled drinking water with bobbing ice cubes
17. Simmering soup tantalizing appetite
18. Email note waiting from friend
19. Job interview bringing new hope
20. Tears that mingle with fresh hope

Martin Luther wrote, "You can change your world by picking up your pen."
21. Clear warm water running in shower
22. Lavender soap lathered on skin
23. Soft leather binding of devotional note book
24. Scent of tea hot in cup
25. Ambiance of a flickering candle
26. Warm, soft, carpet felt by tired feet
27. Soft caress of favorite housecoat
28. Familiar touch of husband's hand
29. Daily walking with his hand in mine
30. Soft breezes through tasseled hair

It is not hard to experience eucharisteo in a supermarket.
31. Saline spray for troubled sinuses
32. Bananas bunched in piles of golden yellow
33. Fragrant oranges waiting to be purchased and peeled
34. This, That, and The Other; and I need it not
35. Carts with squeaky wheels carrying loads
36. Money enough for today
37. A smile given, a smile returned
38. Gnarled hands holding, helping 
39. Yeasty aroma of freshly baked bread
40. Wrapping paper and bows in happy colors

After those beginning years in a tiny farmhouse, these bring me joy:
41. Clear running water
42. Dirty water gurgling down a drain
43. Switches flipping lights off and on
44. Wash machine agitating clothes
45. Bread popping up from toaster
46. Hot water from faucet
47. Vacuum cleaner over soft carpet
48. Ringing phone
49. Painted siding
50. Walls thick enough to hold the cold at bay

Sisters are friends God chose for us.
51. Laying on the floor and giggling
52. Untangling hair not the color of mine
53. Watching her first date out bedroom window
54. Climbing trees and eating apples
55. Lining up like stair-steps for first day of school pictures
56. Hand-me-downs that fit; hand-me-downs that do not fit
57. Shaking scared together as lightening snaps
58. Sitting in grain truck chewing wheat-gum
59. Quiet visits as the years slip away
60. Sharing memories of parents loved

Anxiety squeezes in, yet thanks pushes it back.
61. The Lord giving strength
62. God ordering our steps
63. His stripes healing
64. His deliverance
65. Learning contentment
66. Sins removed as far as the east is from the west
67. He never leaves
68. Trusting in Him overcoming fear
69. Finding joy in the morning
70. His presence bringing peace
"It isn't your position that makes you happy or unhappy. It is your disposition."
71. The sweet smell of earth getting warm
72. Distant lawn mowers whirring
73. Tires humming, returning love ones from work 
74. Laughing water from small waterfall
75. Plants swaying in gentle breeze
76. Mixer blending ingredients 
78. Tiny leaves forming on bare stems
79. Dough soft yet firm in my hands
80. Penuche frosting turning gold and firm

"As a nail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit." Erasmus
81. Text received, "I am praying for you"
82. Unexpected hug encourages heart
83. Warm popcorn buttery and crunchy
84. Faint aroma of last night's rain
85. Blade of grass glistening in morning sun
86. Tiny bark of dog next door
87. Mr. Husband reading and laughing
88. Fingers lingering over photos from yesteryear
89. Thoughts remembering happy moments
90. Frog croaking in yonder pond

Naming God-gifts .... giving them significance.
 91. Bedsheets cool with cleanliness
 92. Warm spring air purging home
 93. Eye glasses bringing focus
 94. Comforting scent of favorite perfume
 95. Moments in soft dressy shoes
 96. Familiar tiny black ear rings
 97. Longevity of favorite black dress
 98. Bright happy scarves accent
 99. God touching hearts
100. Believers worshiping together

Returning from church, eucharisteo floods me.
101. Strains of familiar old music
102. Guitars tuning
103. Chatter of cymbals signaling praise
104. Hollow drum setting rhythm
105. Hands lifted high
106. Moist tears wetting cheeks
107. Echoing praise anthems  
108. Contralto lead filled with strength
109. Rustle of Bible pages turning
110. Soft amens amid thoughtful moments

Night is here ... can I name ten more gifts?
111. Evening's cool air seeping through open windows
112. Persistent frog croaking and croaking
113. Strong glow of planet Venus
114. Fluffy pink clouds fading in darkening skies
115. Twinkling city lights
116. Stars slowly beginning to shine
117. Distant hum of city still at work
118. Neighbors saying good-night
119. Memories of Mr. Husband raising hands in praise
120. ... Ears which still hear

Learning eucharisteo. I do not automatically do it; I must practice.
121. Laying aside something for a better choice another day
122. Still believing after so many losses
123. Remembering God has ordered our steps
124. Being strong enough to say no
125. Believing I am healed when the pain is still here
126. Restlessness quieted with praise
127. Keeping God in the options
128. Obeying that tiny small voice
129. Walking in faith and believing
130. Seeking His direction and listening

Practice even if it feels silly, strange or juvenile.
131. Cottonwoods whispering to each other
132. Water laughing over tiny stones
133. Hearing hubby's ring tone
134. Ceiling fan quietly moving air
135. Old fashioned ticking of a clock
136. Cold iced tea slowly refreshing
137. Scent of cinnamon and cloves
138. Wind whistling through fence slats
139. Freshly washed car shining
140. Whispering air currents moving through room

I grabbed my camera and headed out for walk; the camera my hammer.
141. Deep vibrant blue of sky
142. Pale lilacs scenting air
143. Quail scurrying; head feather bouncing
144. Lone, sad cooing of mourning doves
145. Dandelion bobbing amid pink blooms
146. Fading orange tulips
147. Soft velvet growing on sumac
148. Tiny white clusters of apple blossoms
149. Cool breeze touching cheeks
150. Flash of magpie's long black feather tails

When I know I am safe, a storm is filled with gifts.
151. Dark clouds churning across the valley
152. Flashes of lightening snapping
153. Deep long rumbles of thunder
154. Wall of rain rapidly approaching
155. Wind rolling sheets of rain off roofs
156. Sleet pelting windows
157. Rain bringing life to precious crops
158. Glistening moisture seeping into ground
159. Gurgling gutters draining water
160. Peaceful calm after storm

Going for a walk, Mr Husband starts quizzing me!
161. White fluffy clouds billowing high
162. Intense blue sky
163. Birds calling back and forth
164. Leaning into cold yet refreshing wind
165. Wind breakers zippered tight
166. Aspen leaves shivering and shimmering
167. Two-toned leaves a week old free at last
168. Light mist on southern ridge
169. White snow on distant western hill
170. Rain cloud tumbling east

This is the night preceding an interview. Eucharisteo time.
171. Sensing the moment of promise
172. Claiming the promises of God
173. Reminding ourselves that God opens doors
174. Walking as God orders our steps
175. Refusing to believe doubt
176. Preparing, preparing, preparing
177. Letting praise music feed our spirits
178. Praising God for answers yet to come
179. Believing in God when all else has failed
180. Divine appointments made only by God

Mental prep time; physical prep time; spiritual prep time.
181. Battery trimmer vibrating in hand
182. Clipper guards snapping in place
183. Soft gray hair falling to floor
184. Black polish rubbed into shoes
185. Soft steaming of iron
186. Lint rollers collecting tiny particles
187. Study papers assembled
188. Collecting thoughts with prayer
189. Son calling, remembering, praying
190. Knowing it is in God's hands

Mr. Husband is giving me hints ... maybe the beginning of his gift-list?
191. Comfy bathroom with delightful shower
192. Fluffy white towels
193. Walking barefoot on warm floors
194. Wonderful comfortable bed
195. Moments of laughter
196. Crunchy nuts in small dish
197. Facebook friends
198. Folded hands, quiet heart
198. Dreams of fulfilled prophecies
200. Remembering prayers prayed

The height of my chara joy depends on the depths of my eucharisteo thanks.

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sushmitha said...

Awesome :) Each one of us gifted more than we ask for.. But sometimes we fail to realize.. Nice post :)