Gifts 401-600

Eucharisteo - the giving of thanks - the way to wholeness - finding JOY
 My list of things I am thankful for - recognizing 1,000 gifts in my life

When I need more of HIM, I work on my list.
401. Intelligent people challenging ideas
402. Chatter and laughter of mingling voices
403. Crossing out one more item on to-do-list
404. Hot sudsy cloth wiping shelf clean
405. Aroma of dinner wafting through the room
506. Oil and vinegar drizzled over salad crisp
407. Snap and crunch of that first bite
408. Lingering over solitary flavor of one pecan
409. Poignant taste of crumbly feta cheese
410. Apple slices white and crisp and crunchy

When I need to feel the joy of living, I stop to name the gifts He gave.
411. Dandelions tossing white parachutes into wind
412. Horses with drooping heads swishing their tails
413. Tiny meow of kitten hiding
414. Yellow sun stretching rays of warm and light
415. Pale white moon sliver fading
416. Tiny stars dissipating in dawn's blueness
417. Mr. Rooster taking ownership of daybreak
418. Doorways opening and closing - people heading to work
419. Crunch of ties beneath cars leaving
420. Waiting garbage cans lined up in a row

Its the little things in life that determine the big things.
421. Gentle squeeze of child's soft leg
422. Light tickle near hidden rib
423. Uncontrollable laughter and delight
424. Curls flaying with head shaking no
425. Tiny hugs by tiny arms
426. Sighs and quiet of sleepy moments
427. Eye lashes fluttering with dreamy thoughts
428. Flawless skin against tiny pillow
429. Tiny socks folded in little shoes
430. Miniature clothes stacked for tomorrow

Gift-lists can be inspired by reading moments.
431. Sea whispering on the sand and licking tiny pebbles
432. Slim black trunks of palms leaning above white beach
433. Morning breeze stirring the first hour of breaking day
434. Sea breaking against rocks spraying surprised guests
435. Winds stirring dry fond of palms whispering in broken sentences 
436. Clouds bunched on the horizon blushing a faint rose
437. Rising sun spreading wedge of flame across the horizon
438. Then quieting to molten gold
439. Lazy lapping water against weathered hull
440. Mooring lines creaking lonesomely

Good times become good memories. Bad times become good lessons.
441. Friendship opens the door for friendship 
442. Forgiveness follows forgiveness
443. Love provides a carpet for love returned
444. Unkind words get uglier when repeated
445. A secret shared is a friend lost
446. Sharing sorrow splits it in half
447. Encouragement lifts a heavy heart
448. Problems past are best forgotten
449. Smiles given are often returned
450. Open arms begin a hug

Taking time with Him does more than take your time.
451. Unmistakable peace settles softly
452. Tiny nudges become stronger
453. Wordless moments fill with Him
454. Forgotten questions lay at His feet
455. Faith arrives on quiet wings
456. Focusing on Him unfocuses the world
457. Whys fade away forgotten
458. Courage arrives building cocoon
459. Doubts crumble seeming insignificant
460. His presence permeating my space

"I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever." Psalms 86:12
461. Deep sunny yellow tart lemons
462. Golden orange carrots and daring red tomatoes
463. Midnight shade of juicy blueberries
464. Golden light brown elastic caramel
465. Tight curly blue-green leaf of kale 
466. Juicy drooling red watermelon
467. Dark green squeaky broccoli bunches
468. White, puffy popcorn in deep white sacks
469. Purple clear thin slice of red onion
470. Brown eggs helter skelter in a wicker basket

"For great is your steadfast love toward me ..." Psalms 86:13 Biting into a juicy tomato and crunchy onion I began to reflect on some 'first' times.
471. Melting cool vanilla ice-cream in crispy cone - Sandpoint, Id 1952
472. Crunchy taco shell filled with spicy meat - Reitans, Saco, Mt 1964
473. Crusty pizza with rounds of pepperoni - Eugene's Pizza, Glasgow, MT1965
474. Frothy root beer floats - A & W Root Beer, Spokane, WA 1968
475. Sweet n' Sour sauce coating bites of chicken - Bremerton, WA 1970
476. Juicy grilled Burger King hamburgers - Burger King, Lomita, CA 1971
477. Hot molasses bread rolled in oatmeal -  Black Angus, Tacoma, WA 1984
478. Thick walnut-filled wedges of penuche fudge - Puyallup Fair 1990
479. Juice squirting pepperoncini - Aversanos, Summer, WA 2009
480. Eye popping enormous burgers - Miners, Yakima, WA 2012

The discipline of gratitude is a "chronicle of grace, a life story in freeze frames of thanks". Ann
481. Thin reddened rhubarb stalks
482. Buttery crust turning brown
483. Thick liquid custard of milk and eggs coating rhubarb chunks
484. Mr. Husband sleepily driving the miles of long windy roads
485. Quilted patchwork of new wheat crops green against soil brown
486. Lazy slow circular sprinklers inching across massive fields
487. Familiar weed grass bobbing golden in the wind
488. Tiny green leaves of new plants hunkered low against the soil
489. Lines of farm equipment anticipating future crops
490. Quiet promise of lengthening days until harvest time

"Joy hiding in gratitude; who but the Jesus people are the most thankful?" Ann
491. Grandson stretching lean and tall toward manhood
492. Golden hit of stubble and deepening voice announcing
493. Mannerisms shy yet needing love and acceptance
494. ... Let not this world taint this one who belongs to God
495. Tallness of grand-daughter stretching and leaving childhood behind
496. Eyes twinkling softly with given affirmation
497. Soft wispy skirt laughing around the ankles
498. Thick long golden curls cascading to the waist
499. Deep thoughtful quietness in room alone
500. ... Protect her beautiful innocence as she becomes all You want

"Joy is worth the wait, and fully living worth the believing." Ann
501. Evening light softening corners of the room
502. Open book on coffee table begging to be read
503. Soft gentle breeze coming through window bringing freshness
504. Swish of sprinklers spraying water diamonds on the grass
505. Swooping tiny yellow bird captivates then disappears
506. Evening heat filling valley and pushing back the night
507. Golden light reflecting off fence poles before shadows arrive
508. Wispy clouds play peek-a-boo with waning moon
509. Fragile layers of rose petals opening in dew kissed layers
510. Stooped stems of peonies bowing with enormous flowers

We look through the lens of God's Word to remember that God is good.
511. Tiny butterfly flitting through the flowers
512. Bulging fruit on trees reaching for maturity
513. Red baby pine cones slowly turning brown
514. Shadows stretching longer with the first yawn of night
515. Cacophony of peacocks echoing from yonder hill
516. Friendly waves of other walkers passing
517. Cool evening breeze tugging jacket
518. Distant jets seen for a moment after sound reaches us
519. Small motorcycle chugging up hill like a toy scooter
520. Laughing eyes of mate responding to silly comment

God sees the storm from the other side.
521. Clear jewels of water from leaf dripping
522. Rivulets of rain down patio window trickling
523. Sudden sucking of shades as wind shifts through windows
524. Toddler's hairdo sporting tiny white pony tail bobbing
525. Tiny hands patting, reaching, grabbing, holding
526. Soft padded tiny feet slowly walking
527. Dark eyes full of questions and boyish concerns
528. Gripping pencil and pens sketching story in unknown imagines
529. Licking of tongue lapping last of frosting
530. Slurping strawberry lemonade and non-bashful request for more

Tell your mountain how big your God is.
531. Shadows on Mr. Husband's face raises eyebrows
532. Hunched shoulders introduce a burden to be shared
533. Quietly story unfolds carried on wings of faith
534. Tears burn eyes and redden as hope diminishes
535. Tangible hurt rips confidence and faith
536. Solitude is sought as implications settle like a cloud
537. Silent prayer fills hearts and bends us low
538. Suffocating despair is laid at Jesus' feet
539. Tenaciously believing that God cares and knows
540. Holding hands declaring that God is good

No one finds the peace of God without giving thanks to God.
541. Slimming shadows lengthening as sun sets
542. Laughter of tiny voices drifting from an open window
543. Roses reaching heavenward and petals opening
544. Bright yellow bird darting through the blue
545. White cat walking with padded feet
546. Loaded cherry trees swaying in the breeze
547. Tiny Venus leaving black dot on the sun (June 4, 2012)
548. Awe of the above, knowing it will never happen again in lifetime
549. Leashed dog accompanying old friend on walk
550. Quietness of an evening reminding us of God's peace

"Gratitude is what births trust." Ann
551. Sunlight glinting through the yellow rose petals
552. City clocks standing like sentry marking time
553. Clicking of heels on city sidewalks
554. Window shoppers slowly gazing
555. Old wood benches warming in the sun
556. Clean white picket fence marking boundaries
557. Yard loungers slanted in the evening warmth
558. Swishing sound of sprinkling water
559. Yellow lemons piled high
560. Puffy golden meringue swelling in oven

God has dropped His love everywhere.
561. Remembering, reviewing verses of old
562. Spinning in the sunshine as it warms my arms
563. Branches slowly drooping as fruit grows
564. Fuzzy orange apricots dangling in the sun
565. Shiny dark red apples growing dimples on the bottom
566. Bright green apples getting round and firm
567. Surprise! Pears!
568. Cardboard boxes feeling firm and heavy with fruit
569. while miles away a new grand-daughter is born (July 18, 2012 - Sophie)
570. The miracle of birth, the miracle of God still breathing life to us

"No man can live without joy." Thomas Aquinas
571. Soft, new, shiny baby skin
572. The sudden rising of lungs filling with air for the first time
573. Tiny fingers stretching and grasping
574. Ten tiny toes curling for warmth and security
575. Flaying arms searching, longing
576. Eye lids fluttering on misty new eyes
577. Pink, moist, warm tongue exploring the mouth and air
578. Silky, soft, black hair like satin upon the head
579. That singular God breathed moment of LIFE
580. Tears of joy hot upon our cheeks

"To have crazy, happy joy, you must be thankful." Ann
581. Long, warm days of summer
582. Lazy, slow, red sunsets
583. Crunchy new apples
584. BBQ smells drifting through the neighborhoods
585. Quiet evenings watching the embers glow in the firepit
586. Slowly melting puffy marshmallows
587. Chocolate getting soft on crispy graham crackers
588. Gentle squeaking movement of the lawn glider
589. Evening breezes flapping the gazebo top
590. My head resting lightly on husband's shoulder

"Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice." Philippians 4:4 
591. Reddened sun glinting off golden leaves
592. Golden leaf twirling downward
593. Yellow, crisp leaves crunching underfoot
594. Cool evening breezes feeling the bite of oncoming winter
595. V-flying geese honking to the slow flapping wings
596. Colored scarves soft against the cheeks
597. Hoodies pulled up to protect cold necks
598. Flowers bowing low made limp by autumn's frost
599. Bare branches reaching heavenward embracing the creator
600. Orange orbit of harvest moon peeking upon the earth

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