Gifts 201 - 400

Eucharisteo - the giving of thanks - the way to wholeness - finding JOY
My list of things I am thankful for - recognizing 1,000 gifts in my life

"When we lay the soil of our lives open to the rain of grace and let joy penetrate our dry places, life grows." Ann Voskamp
201. Swishing dishwasher gently cleaning
202. Whirring blender blades juicing
203. Sharp knife slicing thin
204. Gentle heat from warming oven
205. 44 years old pans shine as new
206. Clunk of ice-cubes into tray
207. Swish of broom on tiled floor
208. Clean dishes sparkling dry
209. Crock-pots slowly simmering
210. Coffeepot dripping liquid brown

"We deepen the wounds of the world, when we neglect to give thanks." Ann
211. New leaves dappled with early light
212. Heavy perfume of lilacs in the wind
213. Song of frogs filling the night
214. Translucent rainbow stretching skyward
215. Mist turning golden from sinking sun
216. White lilacs begging to be photographed
217. Tiny white petals of unknown against gray-green sage
218. Thin stalks pushing up and up
219. Canyons green after soaking rain
220. Dogwood petals touched with nail prints

"Rejecting joy to stay in solidarity with suffering, doesn't rescue the suffering." Ann Voskamp
221. Camera catching moments gone forever
222. Smile captured by focused lens
223. Hug holding someone - even for a moment
224. Giggly laugh caught on film
225. Jaunty tilt of party hat
226. Four generations - one stooped, one held
227. Three generations straight and tall
228. Baby hand in old hands
229. Toddler's first baby step
230. A farewell wave

"My soul doth magnify the Lord" Luke 1:46
231. Self is deflated when I magnify the Lord
232. God does not need magnifying, but I need Him
233. Continue to praise Him with this gift-list
234. With each thanks, He grows within me
235. When He grows within me, joy follows
236. This is the other side of prayer
237. The God-gift list is not a shopping list
238. It is God's list; a dare to name all the ways God loves me
239. A way to move into His presence
240. Feeling His unending love

Giving thanks in empty places, makes a place for God to grow within me.
241. Uncertain; yet He cares
242. Hurting; believing His touch will heal
243. Alone; reaching out to Him
244. Trying not to presume; exercising trust
245. End of my understanding; confessing His Word
246. Overwhelmed; remembering He has answers
247. Sleepless; finding Him in the night hours
248. Afraid; letting God quiet my heart
249. Lost dreams; letting Him renew my hope
250. Tired; knowing God is my strength

After cleaning the house, I remember all the things my mother did not have:
251. Soft micro cloths which collect dust
252. Toilet scrubber
253. Disposable gloves for dirty jobs
254. Effective cleaner for mirrors
255. Mops that can be washed every week
256. Vacuum cleaner with super filters
257. Indoor bathroom
258. Kitchen sink and counter
259. Running water in the house
260. Windows and doors which keep out dust

As a young Mom, she did not have these things I enjoy:
261. Small electrical appliances
262. Electrical lights
263. Electric stove
264. Forced air heat
265. Telephone
266. Washing machine
267. Automatic dryer
268. Electric iron
269. Hair-blower or iron or curler - just bobby pins
270. An electric sewing machine

Gradually her life became more comfortable, but she never had:
271. Computers
272. Digital camera
273. Dishwasher
274. Floors that do not need waxing
275. Cell phones
276. Many clothes she did not make
277. Paper cutter
278. Salad spinner
279. Coffee machine
280. Mr. Foreman or a BBQ

I note the above possessions and realize how rich I am. Then I look at the character traits of my mother and am thankful she modeled these for me:
281. Courage, Cleanliness
282. Determination, dependability
283. Faithfulness, forgiveness
284. Generosity, gratefulness
285. Independence, industrious
286. Maturity, obedience
287. Prayerful, preciseness
288. Responsibility, religion
289. Skillfulness, satisfaction
290. Thankfulness, trustworthiness

"The cheerful heart has a continual feast." Prov. 15:15
291. Clothes tumbling in the dryer
292. Smell of the evening mist
293. Sprayed dandelions slowly shriveling
294. Gray clouds tumbling across the sky
295. Hanging clothes slowly drying
296. Plump strawberries red and juicy
297. Wafting yeasty scent of bread
298. Butter melting on toasted bread
299. Crunchy salty nuts
300. Slurpy shake cold and icy

Contentment isn't getting what we want, but being satisfied with what we have.
301. Creamy coffee muted brown
302. Veggie smoothie green from kale
303. Crispy crunchy orange carrots
304. Tiny newly forming pine cones
305. Baby leaves uncurling
306. Smooth flowing ink
307. Clean white paper
308. Click click of typing keys
309. Fun colored ink pens
310. Files and clippers and handy mini-tools

It's not the outlook but the up-look that counts.
311. Knowing God cares
312. Listening for His small voice
313. Repeating His promises
314. Confessing that He holds tomorrow - and today
315. Believing He knows best
316. Affirming confidence in Him
317. Watching the words of my mouth
318. Finding stress-free moments in Him
319. Accepting His direction
320. Receiving course correction

Psalms 28:7 "Therefore my heart greatly rejoices ..."
321. Laughter of children
322. Bicycle and child riding round and round
323. Water splashing through the air
324. Iridescent bubbles rising and popping
325. Pretty red cards from one who loves me
326. Silky red ribbons
327. Soft caring words on printed page
328. The one and only signature embracing love
329. Sunlight glinting on diamond ring
330. Promised vows made and kept

"In everything, by prayer and with thanksgiving, present ..." Philippians 4:6-7.
331. Stirring thick chocolate fudge
332. Glossy photos of babies mine
333. Golden edges of aging Bible
334. Rustle of pages as they turn
335. Soft sound of sleeping breath
336. Rising and fall of hubby's chest
337. Steady step of one I walk beside
338. Tumbling tears washing away cares of life
339. A card telling me I am remembered
340. Smiling at loved one's ID on phone

"Giving thanks for one thousand things is ultimately an invitation to slow time down." Ann
341. Gift flowers slowly opening
342. Arched petals of purple iris
343. Bright bursting yellow dandelions
344. Silky rose petals layered in sun
345. Golden yellow sunflowers bobbing in wind
346. Lime green finger tips stretching from new pine
347. Wisteria swags draping over wrought iron rails 
348. Tiny bleeding hearts hanging on thin stems
349. Orange poppies brilliant with dark black centers
350. Pink dogwood petals with nail prints

This is where God is - in each moment.
351. Standing near window soaking in warmth
352. Melodic whistle countering a melody
353. Continual correction of progressive lens
354. Quiet of the ending day
355. Legs stretched out in summer sun
356. Dining slowly with Mr. Husband
357. Flaky fall-apart pie crust
358. Thick red sauce over sumptuous strawberries
359. Piled high swirling whip cream
360. Fingers touching after bed-time prayers

The eucharisteo way fills life with meaningful moments." Ann
361. Familiar bicycle seat
362. Firm hold on brake and gears
363. Black tires gripping curve and hill
364. Sunlight glinting on spinning spokes
365. Comical sound of bicycle horn
366. Air rushing by - coasting down
367. Helmet growing damp over flattened hair
368. Comfortable hands in finger-free gloves
369. Shaky legs - stretching, relaxing
370. Again? Yes! Another day - praying another day will come

"Jesus took the loaves and gave thanks ..." John 6:11
371. Wind sock flapping wildly in the wind
372. Mourning of doves high in the trees
373. Chatter of quails crossing the road
374. Knife slipping through soft bars of chocolate
375. Ants like tiny soldiers marching across counter (amazed, not thankful)
376. Weary of chores yet grateful for hands to do them
377. Repetition beating the rhythm of life
378. Twinkle of eyes at happy moments
379. Laughing just to laugh
380. Slowing down and tasting life

"The miracle of multiplying happens when I give thanks." Ann
381. Single long stem rose opening on the sill
382. Unspoken words embracing searching eyes
383. Ka-ching, you've got mail
384. Fan spinning cool air around the room
385. Large round grapefruit with juicy center
386. Joy - a candy bar named Almond Joy
387. Melting hard cinnamon disc heating tongue
388. Silky hand lotion slowly softening
389. Magnification of round scooped lens
390. Not-understood tuning of radio waves

I redeem my time with thanks.
391. Pulling wet clothes from washer smelling clean
392. Tumbling and drying and fluffing - soft and clean
393. Stretching to shape and fitting on hangers
394. Remembering old scrub boards with waffled metal
395. Hot suds sinking with clothes and boiling hot water
396. Buckets of water pouring into large wash tubs
397. Tired backs and sore hands, cracking and bleeding
398. Room filling with steam, heat, and the rising smell of Tide
399. Baskets of clothes to be hung whipping in the wind
400. Sheets smelling like the morning air

The height of my chara joy, depends on the depth of my eucharisteo thanks.

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