Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Master Makes a Difference

I did it! I took my first bird photo! Can you imagine the excitement as I softly walked around the duck so the sunlight would be on him and not on my lens? I would actually capture some 'duck colors' and not just a silhouette. I know the background is lacking excitement, but the sunlight shimmers on the brilliant head feathers. Note the shaft of a few feathers, the fluffy tummy feathers beaded with moisture, and the orange webs of orange feet. He is acting coy with his head turned away; the beady black eye gleaming while the white neck ring lies perfect, defining the separation of colors.

Exciting ... until I received a photo from a master. Suddenly my duck is not so great anymore.

Here the master shows Mr Tippy Toes doing his thing. The duck tail feather are vividly coiled against the backdrop of water. Look at that wing and foot action - your heart flutters and you actually stop breathing as you look at this photo. Whoa, what a contrast.

The master's touch makes a big difference. Who is the master touching your life? Or are you still trying to do everything yourself. (Photo by Bill)


Montanagirl said...

Your blog: My first stop every morning. Both photos are very good. I guess we all need the "Master's" touch though, don't we?

Elizabethartgirl said...

What a good set of photo's to use together and lesson to go along with them. Although, I have to say, your photo is none the less better than the other, it is just different than his! It is yours! I should say his is different than yours! They aren't meant to be the same!

Kelli said...

Wonderful photos, Connie!