Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ask and You Shall Receive

Remember the neglected garden? Well, my husband is not bashful. He goes right to the door as soon as he sees that someone has moved in. No, they do not want the rhubarb, take it all; soon it will be torn out to become a new lot for a home.

Yes! My husband is making the dessert for Mothers Day dinner - a very special treat the men do for the women of the church. When you do not know what knife to use - use them all!

He made the Rhubarb dessert all by himself. Isn't that just the best! Now he has a salad to figure out and the meat ... He does the same meat dish every year because all the men ask for it!

What are you asking God for? You just might get it. (Photos by Connie)


Dorene said...

Oh, Mom.. YUMMMMMMY!!!!! That's looks fabulous!! Great job, Dad! :) Wish I was there to share with you... Have a fabulous day tomorrow and Happy Mother's Day. I am blessed to have you as my Mom! Love you!!

Gilly said...

That dessert looks fab! Looks a bit like what we call crumble, only better!

Think I'd starve if Mr. G had to make dinner!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Montanagirl said...

You know the old saying: "Be careful what you ask for . . ." ?? Your husband appears to be a man of many talents. The dessert looks delicious! Send a piece on over, Bob.

Pastor Bob said...

Let's see if there's any left over from dinner today...then we'll consider your request, Montanagirl!!!

Vicky said...

A special blessed mother's day wishes to you,Connie.

Tina said...

Dessert looks yummy. Yeah - those who ask receive. :)
Glad to hear how you're doing.
Love your flower photographs.
In His love,