Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bury Not Your Talents

 Photo by Elizabeth

The gifts, talents, abilities, and aptitudes that we have been given by the Creator are intended for us to discover and use. 

Luigi Tarisio scouted out rare finds and collected only instruments that he knew to be of the finest quality. No one ever knew of his passion, until after he died. 246 valuable violins were discovered in his home. By the time the greatest Stradivarius violin in his collection was finally played, 147 years had passed. The world had been robbed of so much beautiful music because it had been stored and hidden.

I Timothy 4:14 reminds us not to neglect the gift that is in us ...

Something beautiful has been put within us ... may we let it grow!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks for sharing this photo and those thought provoking words.

Eden said...

Beautiful image and words.

Thank you also for sharing the story of Luigi Tarisio. My first time to hear about him.

Have a blessed Sunday!