Monday, June 4, 2012

Do You See God as Good?

Photo by Connie
Looking at the shadows on the rock, do we really see the flowers? Do we really know the colors and the full design until we actually see the flowers?

What is your perspective? Looking first at the shadow and guessing, or looking first at the flowers and knowing?

Do we believe that God is good? That He does all things well? It depends upon your perspective. If you look at life through God's Word you will know He is good. If you see only what Satan does and look at all the evil he causes, you will always doubt the goodness of God.

Each day we choose our perspective.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Wonderful post. I choose to believe that God is good. I know He is.

♥ a little of me♥ said...

hi dear friend its tuesday again...wanted to invited everyone on the tuesday's musings we are all busy people but sharing our faith is nice ..feel free to join...thanks if you do blessing for you all

Eden said...

Lovely post and photo.

God is always good and He is always there for us.