Monday, September 28, 2009


I am always so thankful on laundry day. (photo by Elizabeth, taken in Italy)

I am kind of an old-fashioned woman and do my laundry on Mondays. You remember what the dish towels always said -

Sunday - church
Monday - laundry
Tuesday - ironing

Oops, I forgot a few. Is Thursday for cleaning house, Friday for shopping, and Saturday for cooking?

Why am I always so thankful on laundry day? Because I don't have to carry the water in to heat on a wood stove where I carry the wood in and the ashes out; I don't have to scrub the clothes on a scrub board, breaking my back as I lean over the thing; I don't have to carry the water out and then spend hours hanging up the clothes only to have the weather not co-operate and have to bring them back inside.

What things remind you to be thankful?


Tina said...

Love the picture and post. I've also thought that I'm very thankful for the modern conveniences of a washing machine. (We've recently started hanging our clothes out to dry and I love the look of them on the line and the smell of them when I bring them in.)
I'm also very thankful for the other conveniences we have - stove, dishwasher, houses, cars, a/c, heat, this computer I'm using :), telephone, etc. We truly are blessed (not just with material things) - I think we sometimes just forget to remember how blessed we are. (I know I need to keep my guard up lest I forget.)
Thanks again for a great thought provoking, encouraging post.

Montanagirl said...

I think I'm thankful for an automatic washer/Dryer as well. Don't think my back could take leaning over a washboard! I'm truly thankful for good health and a home to live in that isn't being foreclosed on. I am also very thankful that there's a living God out there that cares about what happens to me.

bookflutterby said...

Amazing picture, and the post is so true! It's sad how easy it is to complain when there is so much to be thankful for!