Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

My husband took this photo this week when on the Oregon coast. Tillamook Rock Lighthouse has quite a history. The storms off the Oregon coast are so strong that the job of keeping a light house like this one is very treacherous and expensive. Keepers had trouble with mental stability and eventually the lighthouse was closed. The final note in the logbook stated:

Farewell, Tillamook Rock Light Station. An era has ended. With this final entry, and not without sentiment, I return thee to the elements. You, one of the most notorious and yet fascinating of the sea-swept sentinels in the world; long the friend of the tempest-tossed mariner. Through howling gale, thick fog and driving rain your beacon has been a star of hope and your foghorn a voice of encouragement. May the elements of nature be kind to you. For 77 years you have beamed your light across desolate acres of ocean. Keepers have come and gone; men lived and died; but you were faithful to the end. (more info can be found at

I am so glad that God does not quit when the going gets rough! He will be faithful to the end.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

This lighthouse has always facinated me. What a great final journal entry. The going has been rough for us lately, but God has truly been the beacon in the darkness that we cling to. I praise Him for always being there for us despite our difficult circumstances. I know He will continue to bless us.

Montanagirl said...

That's a really beautiful "last entry" ending an era. Great photo, and I really like your post.(So glad to be back home)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

There is something haunting about that entry, isn't there. Very cool!

I have a fascination with lighthouses.

Can you add more of your favorite music to your playlist? I love this type of music and just leave it playing sometimes.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful use of my picture. Thanks for letting me use your camera. God has been faithful to us, and the day you wrote this, you celebrated another birthday. Now today we celebrate 41 years together proving God's faithfulness to us. Thank you for being faithful to me, & I to you! Looking for more as He continues to prove His faithfulness to us! Your husband!