Thursday, February 11, 2010

Five Favorite Things

Parsley did something on her blog that was fun, and made me feel like I knew her a little better. Since this is Valentine weekend, and we are remembering things we love, I would enjoy reading about 5 of your favorite things. Because of the caliber of reader's on this blog, number one for all of us is GOD! So give me five more things - I will start - knowing that tomorrow I/you might say something different.
  1. See's Candy
  2. My husband's laugh
  3. Grandchildren saying "I Love You"
  4. Watching the sunset
  5. Holding my husband's hand after 42 years


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Great idea.I also like the though of holding a husbands hand after many years of marriage.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I especially love number five! So sweet.

Parsley said...

This is so great. Yes, these things are so very special. I too love holding my husband's hand. We've been together 20 years and loving every blessed minute of it!

Montanagirl said...

1. Waking up above the lawn every morning.
2. Being retired.
3. Driving the backroads for photo-ops.
4. Enjoying a cup of coffee with friends.
5. Having a daughter like Mandy.

Bob said...

1. Hearing my wife's cheery voice on the phone, "Hi Honey!"
2. Watching that sunset with my wife at my side
3. Holding her hand...still
4. Sitting around the fire with grandkids telling stories & having fun with them
5. Sitting at anchor in my boat in some secluded cove, just relaxing with my wife

Tina said...

Sweet post. I also loved your #5.
Let's see, for me
#1 - time with my husband and girls
#2 - the feeling of comfort and welcome in being with those you love (family and close friends)
#3 - laughing
#4 - baby kisses (those wide opened mouth ones when they're just learning) :)
#5 - the welcome of a morning when the world is just beginning to wake up