Thursday, February 4, 2010

When The Storm Ends

Last weekend a blizzard howls through my sister's yard. Before the night was over, she could not get out of her house. She was alone. She is almost 70. Her husband was gone. Would the power go out? Would she loose her only source of heat before the blizzard would end in another 24 hours?

Totally snow bound. Every door held shut by snow.

The snow was sticking to the east windows creating a strange darkenss. I called several times to make sure she was holding up okay. One more night to go ...

The next day a neighbor could be heard in the front yard. He arrived with a truck which could scoop up the snow, clearing the long driveway, unplugging the garage, finding the sidewalk, and opening the doors.

Relief. The storm had ended. Help had come.

Now, a week later, none of the snow has melted as the freezing weather continues. But today my sister and grandson play. Her heart is lighter, visibility has returned and she takes time to dig a snow cave. The very thing that was threatening her, can now become 'fun'.

Is life your snow? Is God your neighbor? Have you learned to play again?


Montanagirl said...

What a nice post! HE's always around - waiting to help us. Maybe all we need to do is ask...

Hollace said...

Wow, what a circumstance for your sister to go through alone. It's good to remember we're never alone when we have the Lord.

Tina said...

Great illustration! What an experience for your sister. Thank you, as always, for sharing and encouraging.
In His love,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

You don't know how much this post has spoken to me today! Thank you for you the sweet, encouraging comment you left on my latest post.

God Bless You,

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

How scary. Glad she is OK