Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Intentional Change

Photo by Connie
Change is intentional.

Our head now knows that eucharisteo is the foundation for moving into a fullness of life. We want JOY, but how do we overcome our own self-destructive habits that keep us sad, discouraged, or defeated?

How do we DO? Like the sun as the morning dawns, a thought is getting stronger - there must be action on my part. Can I take the pen and begin to be thankful? 

What if I challenged you to show your thankfulness; to take up your pen and list the gifts you already have? Can I/you list a Thousand Gifts?

6. Warm sun on my back
7. Tiny buds peeking through branches that endured the winter
8. Worship music softly filling my home
9. Chatty visit of my daughter

Start writing them down in your journal - your gifts - gifts God has already bestowed. "It is sort of like ... unwrapping love".

10. The soft distant chirp of a bird
11. Clean clothes fresh from the dryer
12. Pink cherry blossoms bursting in the orchards



Ma said...

I really like this idea.

Eden said...

I can list a thousand gifts.God is so good that for showering us all the things.