Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Naming Things

Photo by Connie
Naming is Edenic.

God in the beginning speaks a name and it comes into existence. He fills empty space by naming light and land and sky. In the garden Adam is instructed by the creator to name the creatures. Naming offers the gift of recognition.

I look at my list of naming God-gifts.

84. Faint aroma of last night's rain
85. Blade of grass glistening in the morning sun
86. Tiny bark of the dog next door

When I name the moment, and name-pray, I discover its meaning and more of God. "To name a thing is to manifest the meaning and value God gave it." Moments come and go in our lives, but when we take time to name it, we can see God in the details, we learn its function. The emptiness inside us begins to fill.

91. Bedsheets cool with cleanliness
92. Warm spring air purging my home

We find God in the moments, even the moments that hurt. This truly is holy work.


Ma said...

Even in the moments that hurt.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I seriously have a thing about knowing the names of things. I like knowing what the technical names are of plants, animals, soil, rocks. There is something about doing that that makes you connect with that object and gives you an appreciation for what God made.

Susan said...

Hi Connie,

Love your thoughts! I followed over from Ma's blog :)

I have a thing with wanting to know the meanings of words, and looking into word etymology.

That is true about God naming things and those things coming into being. Also look at the many many names of God...I have heard it said that they are not truly His names, but descriptions... but when you look at how people in the Bible are named, their names are descriptive of who they are, or something about them.

Thank you for such sweet thoughts :)